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Where we work.
AYDU works with youth with all forms of disabilities in Uganda. AYDU also works with a number of partners, both at the local and international level. At domestic level, we partner with all Disabled People’s organisations, human rights institutions other local development partner
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AYDU has undertaken joint activities with organizations like Forum for African Women Educationalist Uganda (FAWEU) through youth empowerment workshops with funding support from Mobility International USA
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Programmes currently running
  • Enhancing access to quality higher education for youth with disabilities. AYDU in 2010 carried out a baseline survey on the relevancy of current laws and policy in relation to higher education for persons with disabilities in Uganda. Click here to download the baseline survey report. The findings of the baseline survey guided the process of developing an affirmative action advocacy strategy to streamline policy advocacy for inclusion of youth with disabilities in higher institutions of learning in Uganda. we achieve this through the following activities.
  • Holding advocacy meetings with stakeholders in the higher education sector.
  • Training students with disabilities in advocacy and lobbying skills.
  • Lobbying for disability policies in different universities
  • Carrying out media campaigns on access to higher education for youth with disabilities in higher institutions of learning.
  • Strengthening the capacity of students associations in higher institutions.
  • Documentation experiences of students with disabilities in higher institutions of learning.
  • Developing partnerships with stakeholders working in the higher education sector.
  • Enhancing respect, protection and observance of rights of youth with disabilities.
  • Enhancing access to employment. Uganda has a staggering rate of 75% of unemployment. Among the youth. This rate stands at 75%.depite this being the general problem; youth with disabilities has disproportionately been affected with close to 90% of this population without gainful employment. AYDU has therefore developed a strategy to through which seeks to address this problem by engaging both the public and the private sector. We achieve this through the following activities:
    • Partnership with private companies.
    • Organizing career fare.
    • Organizing career guidance sessions for students with disabilities.
    • Establishing and running a database for qualified youth with disabilities